I just HAVE to sing along when Lady Gaga comes on the radio…


About Ellie the Cheeky Cat

I'm a small cat who is cheeky while on the road and at home too.
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10 Responses to Songbird

  1. Abby says:

    That’s usually the reaction I get when I try and sing Lady Gaga.

  2. My cat always does that when I whistle, right before she attacks me.

  3. Missy says:

    Such sparkly white teeth!

    • She’s still young. Having said that, Samantha’s teeth are still nice and she’s 16. That’s because I was anal her whole life about getting her teeth cleaned every year. Recently I’m more hesitant b/c as you know anesthesia is tougher on older cats :-/ and now her breath is a bit stinky 😦

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  5. Eden says:

    more like lady goo goo eyes

    PS sorry Im so behind on this post! just weaning myself into the blogosphere!

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